This Theda Bara Goddess rules over the Garden

This Theda Bara Goddess rules over the Garden

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Garbo, my adored little MaineCoon kitty has departed.

Garbo got put to sleep last Wednesday and once I made the decision the tears didn't stop until the whole process was over. I created a beautiful altar for her in my office and kept her there until Friday night due to the smell of decay setting in.
Saturday night my husband Victor gave me a birthday party and my grandson and my son-in-law dug the hole in my garden for me to bury her before they joined the party.

Yesterday was the momentous birthday so I decided to just indulge myself while I was home alone and not be sad putting her into the ground. That job get's done today. The book "Weep Not For Me, In Memory of a Beloved Cat" by Constance Jenkins is so consoling and comforting. It is written in the voice of the cat and you are asked to grieve but a short time.

So I must get out into the garden and actually have a ceremony as I bury her. Her death is definitely the end of an era in my life.
I feel relief that she is no longer struggling with advanced kitty age and I kept her alive as long as I did as she seemed to totally still enjoy going outside, drinking water from the pond and eating. The final two days of her life were spent behind the TV in the den lying on bunches of cables. I took her for a walk outside and she followed me around as always. She will remain to live on in my memory. RIP sweet, precious, beautiful, sassy Garbo.